Friday Flashback - TV Shows We Watched

Here's a list of TV shows we USED to watch that are no longer on TV.

Your challenge, add a show without duplicating a show on the list...

Bob - Lost in space.
Jodi The Munsters
Melanie The MagicGarden
Kelly Romper Room
Ingrid Dark Shadows
Debb Bewitched
Greg I Dream of Jeanie
Lydia Petticoat Junction
Lynn B. The Ed Sullivan Show
Nani The Rifleman
Judy - Star trek
Joanie FantasyIsland
>> Laura E. Hazel
>> Aaron C Emergency!
>> Ginny B Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In
>> Gary MissionImpossible
>> Sue H. Lassie
>> Connie Dallas
>> Rebecca The Waltons
>> Chuck Bat Man
>> Lori Smothers Brothers
>> Simone Wild, Wild West
>> Irma Perry Mason
>> Ric Car 54 Where are you?
>> Scott One Adam 12
>> Teacia The Brady Bunch
Linda Bonanaza
Bill Gilligans
Sheila The Electric Co.
Pat Mr. Magoo
Donna Addams Family
David The Courtship of Eddie's Father
Sarah Zoom
Terri Golden Girls
Eleanor The A Team
Sue L. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Kelly 6 million-dollar man
Karen Ironside
Lesa The Partridge Family
Eileen Here Come the Brides
Theresa The Merv Griffin Show
Pat Soap
Chris I Love Lucy
Janet Mr. Ed
Stacey Three's Company
Candice Good Times
Laurie Who's The Boss
Leslie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Denice Fury
Jackie Captain Kangaroo
Lori - The Flying Nun
Kate The Monkees
Mary Lou Please Don't Eat the Daisies
Lisa F-Troop
Bridget The Love Boat
Nancy "That Girl"
Joyce 'Ozzie and Harriett
Debbie Mash
Melissa Benny Hill
Pat.D welcome back, kotter
Mike G: The Time Tunnel
Donna B. Combat
Jean A. Howdy Doody Time
Terri Captain Kangaroo
Pat The Andy Williams Show
Bucky Hullabaloo
Bucky Tommy 7(was on in new york )
Bob Perry Mason
Beth Grizzly Adams
Jeannine Bandstand
Karen Big Valley
Jimmy What's My Line
Mike Get Smart
Mike I've Got a Secret
Mike Starman
Mike The Fugitive
Neil My Favorite Martian
Bob J-The Green Hornet
Nita - Uhhhhhhh - Shindig!!!!!!
Pearl- The Mickey Mouse Club
Jeana The Great Space Coaster
Bridget - Dark Shadows
Bobbie-The Gong Show
Rose-- Daktari
Sherry--Lawrence Welk (hated it)>
Clark ---I've Got A Secret>
Barbara--The Dating Game>
Rosemary---I Remember Mama
Ann - Knot's Landing
Robin ~ My Mother the car
Stacy ~ Leave it to Beaver
Dennis ~ Bat Masterson
Bob -- Willaim Tell>
Lenny-- The Honeymooners
Denise - Mr. Belvedere
Jenny - Mork and Mindy
Elouise - Dragnet
Marty - My Little Margie
Carole - Port Charles
Dea--Your Hit Parade
Darlene - Beulah
Will - Death Valley Days
Betty Jo Little House on the Prairie
Nancy - Gunsmoke
Delores - The Loretta Young Show
Dee- Dukes of Hazzard (hubba hubba)
Rhonda - My Favorite Martian
Melissa - Alias Smith and Jones
Welton - Nichols
Dave - The Champions
Rich- Captain Nice
Margo - Green Acres

This is fun...keep it going...and DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE ME WHEN YOU FORWARD THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS! How many shows can we come up with that we USED to watch that are no Longer on TV? Add ONLY 1 and keep it going! This should be fun and jog our memories. No repeats on the shows please and please only put one answer so as to allow others to think of something.

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