Cinderella Pension Plans

I'm not so sure I want Cinderella doing my financial planning. But, then again, how much worse could she do than the giants on Wall Street?

"...You''ll remember the classic tale of Cinderella. She was the maiden who was mistreated by her stepsisters and stepmother. Each day, she catered to their daily needs and tended to the household chores without complaint. No one paid much attention to the plight and attributes of Cinderella.

Enter the Fairy Godmother. She revealed the true beauty of Cinderella, who then unwittingly captured the heart of Prince Charming and became his bride. In the end, there was regret for how poorly Cinderella had been treated, and all of her positive attributes were finally recognized and appreciated.

Are pensions the Cinderella of retirement plans? That is, the retirement plan that works hard yet its true value is under appreciated. ..."

Whatever you do, don't ask me for financial advice. - UT

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