Uncle Tonoose's 2009 Stimulus Plan

Everybody's sitting around wondering what can one person do to rekindle the economy?

For about $100 you can help stimulate the publishing world, and provide your friends and yourself with hours of entertaining reading.

If you're more attuned to the digital way of reading things on a screen, then you could begin to stimulate the economy for about $60 or less.

Yes, that's right, Now, you can own the six freshly-printed new and backlist books by Anthony Buccino ("New Jersey's Garrison Keillor, or something like that") for a little more than $100.

Here's what's waiting for you

A FATHER'S PLACE An Eclectic Collection - Early writings about family life, the father-son-dilemma, day trips, Brookdale Soda, too much coffee, pets, friendships and more!

SISTER DRESSED ME FUNNY - Tales about - of all things - a naked statue and the school tie, Italian American family roots and that dress his sister made him wear.

RAMBLING ROUND Inside and Outsdide at the Same Time - Essays written from the heart and the hearth about family, life and growing up in north Jersey.

VOICES ON THE BUS - Working class verse and tales, musings and random observations about commuting in Northern New Jersey.

ONE MORNING IN JERSEY CITY - Poems written along the Hudson River Walkway, Grundy Pier, the Goldman Sachs can of Coke, and the Colgate clock in Jersey City, N.J.

BELLEVILLE SONS HONOR ROLL Remembering the men who paid for our freedom - 174-page second edition includes more information on the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, WWI, WWW II, Korea, Vietnam and peacetime casualties.

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Order today! The economy needs you to do your part right now.

UNCLE TONOOSE HAS A SECRET - his alter ego is a mild-mannered business news editor named Anthony Buccino who has written several books, including what sometimes passes for humor and on other interesting topics. He'd like to write more new books but needs your encouragement ... so buy a book or two, for you and your friends. That'll ensure these snarky posts continue to amuse and enlighten you.

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