"Hey Rube!"

"Hey, Rube!" That's what the guy yells when he walks into the newspaper office and suddenly everyone and everything is upsdide-down. It takes a little bit of sleuthing later by Superman and his pals Lois and Jimmy to figure that colloquialism is used by circus workers to indicate trouble.

Thus, when the room turns upside-down and the bad guy is surprised, he yells, "Hey, Rube!" which is a call for warning and help at the circus.

#70 "Topsy Turvy" (1955)
A crook plans to use one of Professor Pepperwinkle's inventions that makes things appear upside down.

I call it the episode of the upside-down machine on Superman.

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I went to school with a chap who was about fourth of six boys and the Superman TV show was constantly on in his house from the older ones on to the youngest. In fact, one of George's proudest achievements (at the time) was to be able to do the show intro in one long breath.

TRIVIA: George is referred to in Letter of Introduction in A Father's Place. He's the fellow at the IHOP.

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