Hello In There

This is a sad sweet song by John Prine. I love it to death.

One essay in A Father's Place, An Eclectic Collection shares this title.

Hello in There

Comes a time in life when we pass our prime. The kids grow up. We grow old. The kids have kids of their own, and they all have less time for us.

We suddenly have enough time for our spouse, who may not be around after waiting so patiently for our time. And when we have finally got all the time in the world, there is no one with whom to share it.

Our prime is the most active, thriving, successful stage of life. And long ago, when we were children and the concept of the prime of our lives was as hard to grasp as understanding the planets we could not even see beyond the stars.

Back then, we were told that our time in heaven would be so much like the prime of our lives. That was something that al¬though we could not understand, we took it on faith.

We had faith that we would live long, happy lives and would enjoy our prime before it fleeted away with our youth. And we watched carefully, when we had time, for our prime to arrive so that we could savor every moment.

In the meantime, our lives came and went, our children laughed and cried, were married, had children of their own, and finally, waited for their prime to come so they could savor its rich, delicate joy....

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