Cellphone Contract Renewal Hell, Part 3

Quick Reference Guide Jumps Over the Lazy Dog

The phone is a phone is a phone. I didn't sign up for Web access or email which I believe would have been a tad extra. With all my earlier cellphones I always got a little plastic holder so that I could carry the cellphone around on my belt and everybody else would know how important I was. But not with this deal.

Maybe I should have asked how to program this thing, get a few pointers and the like. But frankly, I was so excited to be finished with the cellphone contract renewal dance, I couldn't wait to get out of the store.

Heck, the new Verizon Wireless cellphone must have directions. It did. I worked to read the fine print as best I can. If you open the Quick Reference Guide, you will see that there is tiny artwork that suggests where to find your cellphone buttons and what they do. The print is equally small so that the entire package is the same dimension as a Compact Disk, only thicker to accommodate the charger and phone.

Here's what I think after a day with my new LG VX8300

... This phone keeps beeping in my pocket
... and the battery has to be recharged only one day after being fully charged
... and there's no place for a simple loop to hold a string to hold onto while making a call. I guess they want you to drop it so you have to buy a new one.
... If I had it to do over again, I think I would have gotten a different phone.

I suppose I could go back to the store and see what they could do about the phone, but that trip is such a hassle, I have to force myself to go every two years.

I could tempt fate, without cellphone insurance, and try to use the phone in spite of its clumsiness. After all, it keeps beeping at me from my pants pocket for no apparent reason, so, at least the phone probably likes me.

Or, I could visit the online survey and tell them about my experience.

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