Cellphone Contract Renewal Hell, Part 4

Rebate Mumbo Jumbo

When you get home, you take the long, long receipt, fill in your name and some other stuff and then cut out the SKU and put that in an envelope along with your first-born son and (oops, wrong story!), put a stamp on the envelope and mail it to the appropriate place.

Skewered SKU

Be sure to make a photocopy of the rebate form in case the one you mail gets lost on the way to El Paso, Texas. Then, if you read the fine print right, in three weeks you have to log in to the rebate web site and see if they got your fat little envelope. If they did, there's a good chance your rebate is on the move.

You would think that a modern communications company like Verizon would allow you to file for your rebate online - Staples does! - but no. You have to use a stamp. They are probably counting on most people forgetting to file for the rebate and if they file, forgetting whether or not it ever arrived.

Let's call an end to this torture. My head is about to explode.

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