Cellphone Contract Renewal Hell, Part 2

Well, I got home with my new VW cellphone and it seemed a bit clumsy to me.

Not that it was hard to handle in my huge and clumsy hands, although it was, but my old VW cellphone had a string on a loop and you could put a finger through the loop to keep the phone from slipping away and crashing into a million little pieces.

I couldn't find the string or a loop to run the string through on this new (free, after sales tax and mail-in rebate) phone.

Verizon Accessories

Perhaps I should have spent more time, and money, in the Verizon store looking at the accesoreies. Surely, there must have been something there that would serve to keep the cellphone in my hand instead of squirming away just when I needed it most.

But I had already left the store, and with the ongoing construction on Route 46, I didn't think it worth the effort to turn around, drive past the store, around the mall, back on the service road, through the construction zone, and turn off at the Dunkin Donuts and drive across several parking lots to pick up a $20 carrying case.

The drive to the store - even without the construction - is a challenge to even the most seasoned drivers. And despite that, I've never been in that store when there weren't scores of customers queued to one sales or service option or the other.

When you walk in the store, you log in to a kiosk and that puts you in the service queue. When you're called, you speak with a sales person (or whatever euphemism they use for sales clerks) and try to figure out what you need and how they can help you.

I have to say that this has always seemed to be a well-organized part of the store. While you wait to be called, you can look at the sale phones and features available on the new phones, the accessories and things you could look at for hours and stil not have any clue of what they do.

The store personnel always seem to know their stuff, they nimbly click through the back alleyways of their computer system and try to help you figure out the best plan for you, with the features you'll need. And they have always been pleasant to deal with.


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