Bless me, father, it has been more than two years since I signed my wireless cellphone contract.

The cellphone telemarketer called to say I should sign a new contract or Verizon Wireless could charge me anything they want each month. And that could be a lot more than I'm paying or not, but the company wasn't locked into a rate because my contract expired.

The fellow on the phone said that I couldn't keep my plan for 300 minutes and two lines for about $54 a month.

He said that I had to upgrade to more minutes for more money. It didn't matter that we barely use 10 minutes a month on the two lines we have. The only plan I could get was for about 100 more minutes for more money than I was paying under my expired contract.

I told him I'd like to shop around. I found a T-Mobile plan for two lines for about $49 a month. But I loathed changing over from one carrier to another. I've always found it traumatic to renew the plan I have.

When I started out with a cell phone, many years ago, my Sprint plan was about $25 a month for 30 minutes I never used. Lately, I've been paying for about 300 minutes a month that I never use on two phones with VW.

I was hoping for a plan of 100 minutes for $10 bucks, but that plan, apparently, does not exist.

When I went online with VW, I found I was eligible for $100 towards a free phone with a two-year contract. However, I couldn't find the telephone offer for 100 more minutes for $5 more than my current deal.

What I really wanted was to keep the same two-year old plan and keep everything copacetic without the hassle of going to the store and dealing with sales people and long lines and picking out a phone from racks of phones and tossing the dice at a new plan.

Ultimately, my old phone battery started showing a shorter and shorter life. It was time to face the new ringtones and return to the Verizon store on Route 46 in Totowa, N.J.


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