Regarding the above, I got the following ...

Dear Marg,
It was great to see you! Thanks for all you're doing with Mom and Dad.
I talked to Mom and it seemed like the concert and aide coming worked out okay. I think that they need more help in there. I tried to be very candid with Mom and say that if the decision is to keep Dad home then we need to do that. We want to keep him out of the nursing home and things were definitely out of control there on Tues morning.
I would love to have you come and I think it would be good for you, you might be able to get you a buddy pass if that would be easier. Think about the following weekends or days imbetween June 30 to July22.
The weekends are starting the 31st of June, July 7th, July14th . It would be good for you to come, we could take Ryan to Santa's workshop etc. Doug says he can fill in while you're away.
Love You,

You know what bugs me, always being mistaken for Marg. I don't look like Marg, not since I grew a beard and a mustache.

As for Jane, I never did see her. Wouldn't know her if I did.

What is a "buddy pass"? It sounds cheap. And you all know how cheap I can be.

And what is "imbetween"? Is that how they write in Plattsburgh?

I wouldn't know. I've never BEEN to Plattsburgh. I did drive past Pittsburgh. And I knew someone from Pittsburg, Kansas, but I've never been there either.

And anyway, I'm not so sure it's a good idea to take Ryan to Santa's workshop in the summer. I hear the elves work topless in the sweatshops!

Maybe I'll be up when I find the 31st on my June calendar!

If I'm not there, start without me.

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