PAWTUCKET, R.I.--May 1, 2006--For the first time, Hasbro, Inc. has bottled that fresh, just-out-of-the-can, "eau de PLAY-DOH" aroma into a limited-edition fragrance as part of a year-long celebration of the beloved modeling compound's 50th birthday.

Out in time for Mother's Day, the 1-ounce, spray bottle fragrance is meant for 'highly-creative people, who seek a whimsical scent reminiscent of their childhood.'

"One of PLAY-DOH compound's most notable characteristics is its scent," said Leigh Anne Cappello, vice president of marketing for the PLAY-DOH brand. "When you open a can of PLAY-DOH compound, you are instantly transported back to childhood. What better way to celebrate the 50th birthday than by bottling the scent for adults everywhere to enjoy as a reminder of their youth."

The PLAY-DOH fragrance retails for approximately $19.

The fragrance joins other special products and events meant to celebrate the PLAY-DOH brand's big year.

The festivities kicked-off in January with an instant-win promotion, where consumers were given the chance to win one $50,000 grand prize, one of 10, $2,500 first-prize awards and one of 500 gift cards valued at $50 to hasbrotoyshop.com.

Then, in February, at the American International Toy Fair in New York City, Warren Brown, host of the Food Network show Sugar Rush, "baked" a larger-than-life celebratory birthday cake, with more than 40 pounds of PLAY-DOH compound as the main ingredient.

More PLAY-DOH surprises will be announced later this year.

PLAY-DOH Through the Years

PLAY-DOH(R) brand modeling compound was invented in 1956 at Rainbow Crafts, a Cincinnati-based cleaning company. Scientists there were trying to develop wallpaper cleaner when they discovered the now iconic children's toy. Realizing the compound's play potential, the company introduced it at the American International Toy Fair in New York City in 1956.

PLAY-DOH compound was first available only in one color and size, an off-white, 1.5 pound can. Now, a half a century later, kids can explore their imaginations and express their creativity with up to 50 colors.

The formula for PLAY-DOH compound still remains a closely-guarded secret. The weight of PLAY-DOH compound manufactured since 1956 is more than 900 million pounds.

-- from the press release.

In our house we enjoyed using the shape maker to produce multi-colored imitation spaghetti. We didn't actually BUY it for Baby Tonoose, it was a gift from one of Aunt Tonoose's students who chipped in for something for the baby!

Where ARE those cans now?

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Paintball Jim said...

Wow, thats kinda cool. I have not seen that in stores up here yet. :S

Anthony Buccino said...

The PLAY-DOH fragrance is now available at www.demeterfragrance.com and is expected to be available this summer at www.sephora.com and at ULTA cosmetics retail stores.
-- according to the press release. You can order it NOW for Father's Day, no?