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The last time I took photographs on the Path, the conductor told me that wasn't allowed. I put the camera away. No sense arguing with a conductor. He's just doing his job. No?

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I checked into my Harborside links and lo and behold, on the Path site, in the rules & regulations it says you can't take pictures on the train or of the rails or the tunnels or anything without a Path personnel escort.

They don't want to know nothing about your blog, or your railroad club, or your newspaper boss named Perry White.

Fortunately, on earlier Path trips, in cars further back from the conductor, I had taken plenty of photos. There are sunrises, and distant buildings rising like Oz in the distance. And a photo or two of the seemingly endless run of tracks stretched out ahead to infinity.

Copyright 2000 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved

I think I've gotten some great photos. Artistic photos. In all, I've got more photos of Jersey City than I could use in a new volume of
Jersey City - Images of America.

All those photos still leave me looking for the next one. Each time I walk down the street or along the water, I think to myself, I've seen everything. And then, and then, of course, I see something I have not seen before, right there. Right where it's always been and where I've passed it again and again.

So, officer, that's why I have a camera ;-)

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