Bag It - Bag It Light

One thing about storing the digital camera at home was that it resulted in a lighter back pack, relatively speaking. It being a Monday, the restocking day, there were many supplies to lug along the trek.

For instance, there was the celery, carrots & apple pack. Not to mention the Ice Tea bottle that remains warm in my desk until I add ice. And then there is the donut-bagel alternate: the fresh box of whole grain peanut-butter Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Not to mention, stuffed in one or more of the many zippered pockets, the last three days' newspapers, being the Ledger & my-neighbor-down-the-shore's NY Times. Don't worry, I deboned the Real Estate, ad supplements, and sports sections.

BTW, the new cell phone is not noticeably different from the old one. It does have a little spy lens to it, something James Bond would have had 40 years ago, and my daughter figured out that the antenna extends.

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Anthony Buccino said...

I forgot to mention the three Wonka bars that appear lower in this blog. They shall be mere wrappers by the end of the day.