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As someone who uses public transportation as part of a balanced work commute, today I thought I'd leave my digital camera at home in the event I look like the random person who should be inspected.

I do feel nearly naked at work without my digital camera. I have two disposable film cameras in my desk. One camera has a few shots taken (of what, who remembers?) And the other camera is in its plastic see-through pouch.

I shouldn't feel so naked, you know. After all, it's not like I have no camera.

This weekend, in fact, I joined the camera phone club when I replaced my two-year-old wouldn't-hold-a-charge cell phone. In addition to transfering a few phone numbers to my new phone, I had the task of trying to figure out how I kept taking pictures of Zamboni - whether or not I wanted to take his picture.

My daughter pushed a series of buttons and one of the dark Zamboni pictures is my screensaver. Who ever heard of such a thing on a telephone?

For my part, I was able to maneuver around the name and phone fields in the phone book to enter my vital names. I read on Barista Net this morning about cell phone emergency numbers and how to put them where others can find them ICE - in case of emergency. Perhaps when I remember how to update my phone number, I'll try it.

Today, at lunch, I look forward to reading the phone book. Doesn't that sound exciting? Perhaps, if an audience gathers, I shall read aloud ... and soon everyone will want to nap under the Harborside willows.

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