All those boxes of forgotten stuff

Trying to cut down all the boxes of stored stuff I come across many hand-written drafts of stories I wrote so long ago, and notes to stories I've yet to write.

Well, it's good to see someone else has a sense of humor about my tie. I was famous for my ties for many years. Then one day I stopped wearing ties. It wasn't like I was going out and meeting people anymore, and no one was coming to look for me, either. Plus Casual Friday just seemed to spread everywhere. 

I look at the tear sheets and photocopies and try to remember which of my books held the piece. Some of the hand-written notes are in those collected Reporter's Notebooks that I found so handy to fill as I rode the PATH or walked around during my lunch hour. 

I was editor of Modern Food Service some time in the mid-to-late 1990s. The main office was in Massachusetts and we emailed stories from our office in Hackensack to the Cape. I do remember a huge food show I attended at the Javits Center in Manhattan. Had my first taste of ostrich meat. It's a lot like filet mignon. I can't say the taste spread across the New York area. I don't remember the alligator fad catching on here, either.

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