Naked Elvis Presley and Live, Nude Poetry

We're tempted to name our next collection of poetry Naked Elvis Presley And Live, Nude Poetry because fans of Elvis Presley will check it out to see if it contains poems about Elvis Presley, and nearly everyone else searching for live nude anything on the Internet will also stop by to check it out.

Perhaps we should work in Britney Spears and that Jessica Alba gal into the subtitle. Can anyone help me out with some famous stars who would also draw big on a Google search? Natalie Portman? I think she was in that hit movie Black Swan, but don't quote me on that, I haven't even seen the latest True Grit movie. I'd like to, you know, but I only get out to see one or two movies a year. I like the popcorn in movie theaters, and those huge Coca-cola soda pops they sell you.

If I can have the book come out in May, I can tout Bob Dylan's 70th birthday in the subtitle. Then all those Dylan Thomas and Bob Dylan fans will check it out, then curse me out, but, hey, what did you expect for free?

How would this work: Naked Elvis Presley And Live, Nude Poetry About Britney Spears, Madonna, Bob Dylan and Natalie Portman

Coming soon to a book burning in your neighborhood ...

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