Pop Tarts World in Times Square, N.Y.

When the new Pop Tarts Store opened in New York City last week, it was a bit too crowded to get in during my morning commute.

On opening day, TV news crews parked their vans in the street and hungry Pop Tarts lovers lined up behind barricades.

Today, I happened to be early and set my goal for the store on W 42nd Street near Bryant Park.

The store opens at 8:30 and it was barely 9, so that would give me plenty of time to browse the T-shirts, mugs and other knick-knacks that you probably can't buy anywhere else in the world!

Visions of privately concocted Pop Tarts danced in my head. Perhaps peanut butter and blueberry, with sparkles embedded in the frosting. I could almost taste the pastries as I commuted with the rest of the morning crowd as they headed to work.

I grew suspicious when I approached the store and there was no line outside. Perhaps the hoopla died and I'd be able to walk in and have the place to myself. I was getting a sugar high just thinking all those Pop Tarts waiting for me.

But, alas, a hand-written sign inside the store read Open at 11 a.m. today only.

I looked in the window and the place was blank. There were the biggest Pop Tarts boxes I ever saw. And T-shirts so close I could almost reach them. But all for naught on the other side of the locked door.

Another day, another morning, I shall visit this store before it closes.

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