More News From Yvonne in Haiti after earthquake

Yvonne and I are safe, our son Paul is safe and our house and car have not been damaged by the two earthquakes that hit Haiti on January 12. The first quake a 7.0 rocked our house like a leaf in the wind with an epicenter just 5 miles south of us. Exactly seven minutes later a second quake a 5.9, hit 25 miles away. Since that fateful hour Haiti has been rocked by over 40 tremors with average strength of 5.0 which makes those tremors earthquakes! ...
Human Agony Beyond Imagination

Today I spent two hours at the American Citizen Services window of the new 70 million dollar marble American Embassy in Port au Prince. Not only did I offer the US government reliable satellite communications to organize the relief effort here but I needed an emergency passport as mine is lost in Haitian Immigrations. ...
US Embassy Not Providing Citizen Services

I have been a missionary in Haiti since 1978. My husband, Joel, and I produce a Creole Christian television show that features the beauty of Haiti and its people. We are on in Haitian communities on the east coast of the US, Boston, NY, West Palm Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale. In addition our thirty minute travel log is on Tele Nationale, Tele Haiti and Tele Lumiere in Haiti. La Bonne Nouvelle, The Good News, is viewed by an estimated six (6) million Haitians in the US and Haiti everyday.

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