Have you watched enough football?

Check This Out

We came across this ad for a booklet, "No, I'm Watching Football - your guide to a successful football watching relationship."

Supposedly, this handy little booklet shows you how to "set a precedent with the significant so you can watch all the Sunday football action you want!"

C'mon, shouldn't you guys be vacuuming the house or loading the laundry instead of watching football for hours and hours? I mean the Giants are done, and the Jets are an illusion. So, what's the point of watching grown men run into each other to knock each other down, or better yet, break something on the other guy?

"NO! I’m Watching Football is an informative, fun read for anyone who enjoys watching football or anyone who has ever fought with your significant other about watching football!" Or so they say. If you get to read this book before I do, let me know. Meanwhile, I'll be out in the snow, walking the dog.

BLOGGER DISCLOSURE (Required by federal law) Neither the owner of this blog nor the blogger got a free review copy of this booklet.

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