An un-ordinary day

Notes from Sept. 11, 2001

My office is directly across the Hudson River from the World Trade Center, about one mile due west. It's likely that when you were watching the fires burn on that awful day, if the camera angle had buildings under construction in the foreground (this side of the river) that camera was on our roof, one floor above us.

We used to have a monitor of that camera - it showed the ships and sailboats in New York Harbor.

That day, I was sitting at my desk when people began rushing to the opposite end of our floor, about one hundred yards east of where I sat, and looking at the building on fire.

We all thought it was a terrible accident. I hesitated, but then decided to record it and went downstairs to buy a throw-away camera. While I was in line at the CVS, someone came in and said a second plane had crashed. I picked up two more cameras...
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People At The Railing

8th floor view

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