VENICE, ITALY -- After three days of canal rides and walking the labyrinth of shops and food stands, we are finally getting to know this island quite well. We can find our way back to San Marco Square and our transportation back to Lido Island.

Of course, the food here is wonderful. The weather has been cooperative - especially the other night during our evening gondola ride  and afterward with our drink in San Marco Square while the orchestra played.

Our earlier adventure was to Como and Bellagio (not the casino) and Lugano, Switzerland were excellent. We used that to adjust to the six-hour-time difference. By the time we are fully adjusted we expect to be headed back home! We left the mountain region of the pre-Alps and headed across northern Italy passing corn fields and it reminded me of Pennsylvania ' except for the HUGE mountain in the background. A bit later, we moved through grape country and all you could see for miles were vineyards.

It was odd to ride our bus onto the ferry from the mainland, but we got a great view of the canals and the various islands of Venice.

Anyway, we found this Internet hotspot across from our hotel in Lido, the Bar Maleti is a great place to have a drink, a gelatto and also use the Internet.

The keyboard here in Italy is a bit skewered to what I'm used to. The captital key gives you < and the apostrophe is à, so itàs a kind of hunt and peck to type the hyphen is ' so when you see ' it likely should be a -, so forgive the typing.

All the best.
-- Anthony


corrected Sunday afternoon

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