Camp Mohican and 'Bug Juice'

My on-line buddy has been keeping me up to date on what’s been going on at our old summer campgrounds, Camp Mohican, in the mountains of Blairstown in western New Jersey.

He told me the lake was renamed from Wildcat Lake to Catfish Pond.

He said that after it closed as a scout summer camp, they filmed the “Friday the 13th” movies with Jason and the goalie mask there.

It’s a little known secret that what made Jason go mad and kill off all those promiscuous teen-agers was when he learned what went into the bug juice.

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Bill said...

Does anyone remenber the words to the Camp Mohican song?

Bill said...

I only remember this:

Hail to Camp Mohican
Hail to the orange and black

True to our motto (?)
True to those who never will be coming back.

So on to greater glory.
On to Eagles' trail
Our na na na (?)

I don't know the rest.