'Let me guess, you're switching to Verizon?'

That's what the fellow at Cablevision's disconnect said when I told him I was canceling my Silver cable TV subscription. We've had Cablevision - or its predecessors since about 1979 and just now switched over to Verizon FiOS.

One little thing that led to the switch was when the grace period ended for the Cablevision remotes. It came to more than $12 a month for the remote controls. Can you believe it? Last year when we switched to the digital IO the remote control was included.

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Now, I have to get the set top boxes, remotes and activation cards back to Beth Page, Long Island. Frankly, it's easier to go to the post office and mail the darn box than to drive to Fair Lawn or somewhere in Paterson to drop it off. I guess that's another thing going against Cablevision.

But for now let me begin to enjoy my high-speed Internet and wireless laptop and the new and strange order of a logical channel progression. Heck, I might even make a long-distance call now that it's included in my three-for package.

NOTE TO VERIZON: If you use this line in your advertising, don't forget where to send me the finder's fee! That's A Buccino, PO Box 110252, Nutley NJ 07110

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