Reading in today’s Wall Street Journal Op-Ed about Kate Winslet’s Academy Award nomination for her role the film version of Tom Perrotta’s novel Little Children, I’m reminded that I never did get to see the show in the theatre.

I did want to see how they adapted that terrific novel into a film.

Perhaps if Ms. Winslet wins, the film will make another round of theatres before the DVD comes out on April 24.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day (the topic of “Old Faithful” by Lionel Shriver), last Saturday I spent the morning in Border’s and selected found one of Perrotta’s earlier novels, Wishbones, and grabbed it for my goody bag. As an extra delight, he had signed it on a whirlwind tour of Wayne, N.J., I suppose.

But I’m looking forward to a good read as soon as I get home through the blizzard and can open my gifts.

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