What's A Phone Booth?

I swear, I came in from the cold and at the bank of pay phones, a young woman was standing there facing the pay phones. She was talking on her cell phone!

Some habits are very hard to lose, I suppose.

Or, maybe you saw the Pepper ... and Salt drawing in today's Wall Street Journal?(We wanted to post the cartoon, but they said no. So, in order to see the cartoon of the business man standing in a phone booth while talking on his cell phone, you'll have to subscribe to the Journal, or run out and buy one right now. -Or, you can use your imagination.)
Copyright © 2006 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.

Page 28 of the March issue of Reader's Digest The print magazine feature the recent movie version of Superman exiting a phone booth area along side a story about vanishing phone booths. On Feb. 26, the New York Times ran a story on a similar topic.

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