Here's the big news you've all been waiting for.

Uncle Tonoose has decided to post the Jersey City posts separately on
Uncle Tonoose on the Loose in Jersey City which is already in progress.
We're not planning on migrating the 30-plus Jersey City posts that are already here, but there will be a convenient set of links back to them.

This will make it more convenient when someone asks, "any new pictures of Jersey City?"

There you go, Bob's-yer-uncle.
As the nicer weather approaches, you can expect more photos of the shore and the architecture.

And the same can be said for casual observations.

Plus, we'll be picking through the photo archives on the hard drive to put together some before and after series.

Think of the Goldman Sachs building as a vacant lot, a hole in the ground, then a Coke can.

Think of the Hyatt as an empty parking lot, a floor or two and then a hotel.

Frankly, we're quite surprised at the new buildings that have sprouted since we started casually taking pictures in 1999 or so.

But, we're looking forward to sharing them with you, and hope you are, too.

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