Thursday afternoon I was sitting on the shore of the Hudson River reading Marley & Me, a book about a writer and his dog.

I had gotten to page 249 and stopped to write the author for dispensation from reading the last 50 pages ... but there I was sitting by the river on a beautiful spring day reading along, stopping, reading.

You know what comes at the end of a dog book. I kept trying to put it off.

A woman's voice called out, "That's a great book."

I looked up and there at her feet was a happy shiny chocolate Labrador retriever whose name was Duncan.

We talked about her 65-pound six-month old pup and his diet. She handed him a stray plastic fork and showed me how he would drop it on command.

I petted Duncan and he didn't jump and fein explosion like most Labs would.

A golden retriever came along and frolicked with Duncan. They found something on the sidewalk.

It was a duck head apparently left behind by a hawk. Someone tossed the beak into the river and both dogs stood at the rail trying to figure a way to bring it back.

The dogs and their owners left. I read a little more in the book and then left some for the ride home.

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