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Did you know that Shelia is haunting someone, she's back and talking scary to a woman locked on the roof with candles. And Jack Abbott is still in his conniving ways.

There was a lady all dolled up and smoking a cigar and playing poker with the guys. It turned out she was the mother of the guy who skipped bail on the hit and run and even though he was proven innocent, he still has to go back to face the judge for skipping bail.

When she heard that her little boy was going to have to go back to court, the Poker Mom went to square off with his pretty lady lawyer - who happened to be working at her laptop in the very same bar (her partner, the honoree at the bachelor party - complimented her on adding to her billing hours at that time of night) but the son dragged his ma out to explain that he skipped bail whether or not he was innocent - which he was - and has to face the music in court.

Meanwhile, Jack Abbott is working the health club regulars and putting ideas in their heads. He must be up to something, you know, in good-looking George Hamilton kind of way.

After that, well, I ran out of food so we'll have to wait til the next time I'm home in the middle of day. I can't even remember the name of the show I'm watching.

Years ago, when I was on vacation in Marco Island, Fla., we'd retreat to the room at the hottest part of the day and on TV that was when Victor was hiding out on the farm run by a blind blond named Hope. Everybody back home thought Victor was dead because they found his wallet without him. I think he married blind Hope who didn't know he was the richest man in what ever town he was from. I don't know what ever happened to blind Hope and Victor. I haven't seen her on the show in years.

Victor, you guys may recall, was the head German on RAT PATROL in the 60s TV series. He used a German name in the screen credits then.

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