A Legacy of Achievement

The Italian Americans in New Jersey
on NJN
Monday, October 10, at 9 pm
Saturday, October 15, at 3 pm

The Sculptor's Hands

Franco Minervini

A Legacy of Achievement is the story of the Italians who settled in New Jersey and became successful members of American society.

It is a story of energy, strong convictions and impressive hardiness; of struggle and success in the New World; of devotion to religion, family and the rule of law.

It is a story of epic qualities, based on a solid work ethic and a powerful sense of justice.

It is a story shared by the many who immigrated to this country – because of hunger, ambition, adventure or opportunity. It is a story of the Italian-American experience in New Jersey.

A Legacy of Achievement is a special half-hour documentary produced in high-definition television by NJN's Emmy award-winning production team of Lou Presti, co-producer; Bob Szuter, screenwriter; and Jeff Reisly, Avid editor.

Barrett Clark is the narrator; the original music was created by Robert Sands. The co-producer from The New Jersey Italian American Heritage Foundation is Robert A. Freda, Ed.D. A Legacy of Achievement is web streamed and archived on the NJN web site at njn.net.

The documentary can be seen on cable stations throughout New Jersey, on NJN's JerseyVision and on Time Warner Cable on channel 750 in New York. Funding for this program has been arranged by The New Jersey Italian American Heritage Foundation. The program is closed captioned.

NJN is interested in your legacy - your family - your roots. You are New Jersey , rich with ethnicity and culture, determination and history. NJN wants photos that show what it was like to start a new life in a new country: the promises and the dreams; the struggles and the successes.

Send us your photos (copies only - do not send originals - no photos will be returned) or electronic images of your family's new life in America - whether it was yesterday or turn of the century - for inclusion in the NJN family album on our web site. Electronic images can be emailed to afisher@njn.org .

Please mail copies of photos to Aimee Fisher, Public Relations Assistant, NJN Public Television & Radio, PO Box 777 , Trenton , NJ 08625 .

Photos Copyright © 1996-2005, NJN Public Television and Radio, all rights reserved.

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