Kean: Brian Stokes Mitchell in Love/Life at Wilkins

On Friday, Sept. 30, we enjoyed a terrific performance by Broadway Tony Award winner Brian Stokes Mitchell in Love/Life at the Wilkins Theatre at Kean University, Union, N.J.

We paid for our tickets as this was no perk of writing a blog, and enjoyed ourselves just the same.

Montage: Copyright © 2005 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.

We were fortunate that the two seats in front of us were vacant all night and gave us a clear view of the stage.

We had already seen Mitchell perform on Broadway in Ragtime and had a good idea what we were in for. We were delighted with each succeeding song.

He sang songs from across the past century and then some songs that have hit written all over them but are now waiting for the musical vehicle.

For his final encore, Mitchell sang The Impossible Dream from Man of La Mancha and of course all the hearts in the place were aflutter.

I wanted to hit REPLAY and watch the show again, but, alas, it was live and in person.

Montage: Copyright © 2005 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved. A kind young woman at the box office where we picked up our tickets at about 5:30 - ahead of the rush, suggested - after we asked - that we visit Tiffany for dinner.
She wrote out directions, and voila! A terrific meal at a very nice bar-restaurant somewhere on or near Vaux Haul Road in what was probably Union, N.J.

We took the Garden State Parkway south around rush hour. It was fun.

When we pulled in to the campus to park, we had selected the wrong entrance, but a student/teacher gave us directions to get to the theater just a little bit down the road.

Frankly, I don't miss driving on the Parkway, or the Parkway tokens which it said we could use two of now that the tolls in some areas are collected in only one direction.

And I wouldn't let some nuisance tolls keep me from seeing a great show. Neither should you.

Copyright © 2005 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.

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Wilkins Theatre

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