The Dolans on Hidden Taxes You and I Pay

Our favorite radio money advisors have written about hidden taxes we pay on everything from peanut butter to luxury cars to gasoline (don't get me started) to taxes on your insurance premiums.

What a country!

Hidden taxes: Eight you are paying every day by Ken and Daria Dolan Mar 11, 2008

Ken and Daria Dolan are widely known as America's First Family of Personal Finance.

This time of year, we are all well aware of how much we pay Uncle Sam in income taxes. And we all can clearly see the sales tax we pay when we go shopping or enjoy a nice dinner out. We're not happy about them. But at least we know that we're paying those taxes...

Gas Tax ... Guzzler Tax ... Travel Tax ... Sin Tax ... Outdoors Tax ... Insurance Premiums Tax ... Import Tax ... Payroll Tax

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It seems the only way to avoid these taxes is to not use the services or products.

Someone should write a book (why not me?) called YOUR TAX FREE LIFE, it'll sell a million-gazillion copies. (I may use it for my next book of poems!)

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