Hurry, Buy a Book -- So I Can Write More

I read recently that record album sales are down 11 percent from the year before. That's where the domino effect starts to crimp creativity. Not only are the big stars hurting on sales, but the little guy will have a harder time of becoming a pop star icon, let alone making a living at making music.

The same goes for people who write. Whether they are writing short stories, novels, poetry, nonfiction, after a while if there is no audience, the disincentive to go on can be overwhelming.

The similarities between free music downloads and reading everything for free online may point to the same target, that disincentive to create.

If a copyright on a work has no  meaning and the artist cannot earn rewards for work, we all might as well become actuaries somewhere.

I'd write more, but only if you buy one or more of my 19 books.
Just a few of my book titles.

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