Finally, a job that matches my talents!

Your resume has been selected by International Express UK on Career Builder. Your qualifications match the requirements for one of the Company's vacant positions, so we are pleased to offer you our currently available full-time position of Freight Forwarding Assistance Client Manager.

(International Express UK is looking to fill this vacant position right away, therefore if you are not willing to sign the employment agreement with us right away, please disregard this offer.

Title: Client Manager
Department: Business Process Outsourcing
Job Role: Transportation
Location: Home-based
Probationary Period: Sixty 60 days.
Compensation Rate: Monthly, $2500/month during the 60 day trial; $3000/month after the 60 day probationary period has been completed.
Employment Status: Full-time, around 40 hours per week.
Number of Vacancies: 2
Benefits: Performance Bonuses, Paid vacation, Paid holidays.

Job summary:

International Express UK Forwarding Assistants are responsible for providing transportation service for the Company's customers that have been refused the delivery service of purchased goods at retail stores for the reason of being located in regions to which the retailers shipment policy does not extend. Generally, the content of the freight consists of clothing, electronics, personal accessories and different everyday use products, which are in deficit.


As a Client Manager you will be responsible for:
- Receiving the packages, registered to the names of the company's logistics service users and shipped to Client Manager's residence address.
- Once the package is received, opening the packages and conducting an inspection of the content in order to verify its undamaged condition.
- Once the condition is confirmed, repacking the items back in the boxes.
- Once repacked, processing the packages towards the clients' destination through a local Post Office branch.

Note: All the expenses that occur during the shipping process are covered entirely by the Financial Department of our company.

Position requirements:
- US Employment permission
- Schedule flexibility
- Age over 18
- No financial investments made on behalf of an assistant.
- Computer savvy and consistent internet access
- Computer skills, personal e-mail address, MS Office skills.
- Ability to pick up packages weighing up to 25 lbs
- Experience in using printers/scanners.
- No previous freight forwarding experience required.

To become a Client Manager please reply this email.

In order to complete the process you will be provided with the employment documentation for this position. The employment contract will require the address information from which the duties as a Client Manager will to be performed, as well as your contact information to be filled in, and also your agreement to the terms of employment disclosed in the document by having it signed.

Within the reply you need to include your name, contact # and please metion the time when you can be reached. Additionally, after sending the the employment agreement request, please continuously review the "Junk" folder of your inbox to make sure the provided documentation is successfully obtained.