Dear Nissan

In the morning I will be leaving my 2008 Rogue in your shop for your mechanics to fix the same problem that was just over a year ago.

You probably don't remember me or my car, but early last year we could not get the driver's door to open from the outside. You could imagine how this situation might become life threatening were it necessary to enter the car quickly only to find the door would not open.

Well, a year ago, your tech found that the left front door handle cable had come loose. The tech resecured and installed the cable assembly and rechecked operation so that the door now operates as designed.

Perhaps the tech who next works on my car will find a similar inconvenience and once again resecure the cable assembly as was done last year.

IMHO this should not have happened last year, although it was fixed without charge and we were on our way. IMHO, it certainly should not have happened a second time. Perhaps an independent investigation should be held to review how many of these repairs have been made on this make and model car.

At the very least, I should expect to be asked to pay for this repair. I'm sure you will do right by this repair. Time will tell.

I'll keep you posted on how things go at the repair shop.

And now, after the service, I have to say Nissan treated us very well, the vehicle was ready when promised and there was no charge to fix the cable a second time. I would recomment Lynne's Nissan in Bloomfield, NJ, for warranty service for your car.