Pay No Attention To That Airliner Out Your Window

Just in time for morning coffee break, there outside your window, a few hundred yards above the nearest tall building, there goes a huge commercial jet heading west, followed by a fighter jet.

Maybe we're hallucinating?

No, there it goes again. A commercial jet flying low over Jersey City skyscrapers, followed by a fighter jet.

Wow, this is unreal. Maybe I should pack my bags and plan a way to get home.

Three is the magic number. The jets pass over head. I should get out my camera in case it happens again.

But no, we're given the word to evacuate the building.
You don't have to tell us twice. We're calmly heading down the fire stairs, out into a surprisingly clear day.

Feels like we've been through this before.


- Anthony

Picture a HUGE size jet filling all the sky in this photo - that's how big and how low it was!

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