FLASHBACK FRIDAY - School Bus Bullies

Flashback Friday:

Billy Newtner's Bus Rides

"... "BUS NINE RULES!" The older kids shouted. Other kids looked out windows. Girls studied and checked their homework papers. Tough guys with big hands, hard knuckles and big mouths to match, ruled bus nine. They yelled in our fresh faces, "N-O! FUTT NO!"

Many of us seventh graders were hopelessly intimidated by those rough ninth graders and their eighth grade sycophants who ruled our free bus.

At the bus stop in winter, they lit cigarettes and said they needed to smoke to keep warm. They ruled the back of the bus.

When we were lucky, we got to sit in front next to a friend, or near the window with a girl on the aisle.

The bullies ripped down advertisements from slots over the seats. When they got off the bus, as girls were climbing off, the boys ripped ad signs from the curb side of the bus.

"Where's your weak spot?" They shouted at the toughest of seventh grade boys.

"Where's your weak spot?" He bravely called back across a sea of seated girls.

Sneering in his face, "Be in the gym, seventh period, I'll show you my weak spot!"
And they laughed. ..."
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