ShopRite (surprise) Out of $19 DVD Players

A thumb of the nose to the folks who run the ShopRite store at Brookdale in Bloomfield, N.J.

While shopping in the Broad Street store, over the public address system was the ad for the Classic DVD player for only $19 with your ShopRite Price Plus Club card.

Heck, the promotion is also in the flier announcing sales that start tomorrow.

Sale begins Nov. 30 at Shop Rite

Aunt Tonoose had earlier told me about the DVD player at that great price that she heard on the TV earlier. We've got a lot of DVDs but right now have been playing them on the laptop - which is hardly the in-theatre-experience you really want. So, in these lean and uncertain financial times, finding a brand new DVD player for about the price of a two sale DVDs seemed too good to be true.

Close up of the Shop Rite ad for a sale starting tomorrow

When we got to the aisle where the DVD players were on display, all we could find was a $39.99 HDMI DVD player by Venturer. Oddly enough, there were none of the $24.99 classic DVD players that qualified for a $5 off for loyal Shop Rite customers with a ShopRite Price Plus Club card.

A few feet away, we approached the podium where the sign says ASK ME - I'M HERE TO HELP and asked the employee there if this DVD player was the one they keep advertising over the store public address system as being $19.99?

Before she could answer, other shoppers came up and poked at the pile of $39.99 DVD players also waiting for them to magically change into $19.99 DVD players that the shopping chain kept announcing over the public address.

She looked at the box, and pointed to the little yellow sticker $39.99 and said quite indignantly, "the price is right on the box."

I took one of the $39.99 DVD players to the Service Counter .... and to make a long story short, they put out the $24.99 DVD players yesterday and they are all gone. Sorry, no rain checks.

And, no, she had no way to change the ad in the public address that kept repeating the great price on the DVD player for loyal Shop Rite customers.

Was it worth letting our ice cream melt to wait to go over this advetising fiasco with a manager?

Fine print in TOMORROW'S Shop-Rite ad circular

Well, if you find yourself at a Shop Rite store this week, listen for the ad on the public address system, between the Christmas music, and then try to find the $24.99 DVD player that they say is $5 off for shoppers with a ShopRigt Price Plus Club card.

The limit you can buy is four. It might as well be 100 if they don't have any.

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