Medusa's Got Her Arms 'round Me

New Jersey poet Anthony Buccino is featured in Medusa's Kitchen on Tuesday, Nov. 4 in FISHING.

His poems pbj, What's It Like To Be, Happy Poems, Irony of Science and Fisherman are in the issue.

Medusa's Kitchen features daily news from the Snakepit of Rattlesnake Press and the cauldron that contains the rich poetry stew that is Sacramento and its Northern California environs. Brew us up some other snacks! — poetry, news of poetry events, and other poet-phernalia and tasty tidbits. The snakes of Medusa need constant feeding...

Buccino was poet of the day in Medusa's Kitchen in July. His poems HANDCAR, JIGGER, KALAMAZOO, LA POSE (Artist/Paul Delvaux) and THESE POEMS were featured.

His most recent chapbooks are VOICES ON THE BUS and ONE MORNING IN JERSEY CITY, published in 2008 by Cherry Blossom Press, N.J., and are available online.

For more information, visit Anthony Buccino.

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