Katie Reider, folk singer

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For singer songwriter Katie Reider

It's quite simple, really, just go to the above site, download nine of her songs for a buck and you can help remember a young woman taken too soon, and support her cause. Or, if you're current in reading this post, try to get to the benefit show later this month.

500Kin365.org, was created with the help of Katie Reider's loyal fans to reconnect and introduce 500,000 people to Katie Reider, her music and her story over the next year.

Help us continue to spread her music over the next year by downloading "katie's Voice" (9 original songs written and performed by Katie Reider over the last 10 years) for a $1.00 donation to her cause and linking up ONE other person to www.500Kin365.org.

Courtesy KatieReider365

August 24, 2008 Benefit

The story of Katie Reider

Keeping Katie Reider's voice alive

Katie's Myspace

Katie Reider's Web Site

Katie's Blog

Cincy Groove Magazine interview

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