It's Not Where You Fish, It's The Bait You Use

My friend Stinky used to catch all the fish. I never got many bites besides the ones from insects.

All I ever wanted to do was catch a fish, then throw it back without getting too much fish slime on me or my clothes.

Stinky was the fisherman among us. He had learned everything he knew from his Uncle Harry. With what Uncle Harry taught Stinky, he put a kernel of corn on the hook, cast it in the water and caught a trout.

Or Stinky sliced a bit of liver from a stash in his mom's old Tupperware container, put it on the hook, cast it out, and, wham, another trout.

There were times, I swear, that Stinky could put a hook in one of my old G. I. Joe dolls and catch a lunker.

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