More on FiOS Fiasco

I just found an email from our friends at FiOS Land.

Dear FiOS TV Customer,

Soon, you will see an exciting change to your FiOS TV service! You’ll be getting a new Interactive Media Guide - designed to make your TV service easier to use and more entertaining.

The new guide will provide you with rich tools to access, browse and search a wide range of multimedia content. Features include enhanced TV listings, powerful search capabilities, a new Marketplace, Video on Demand movie posters, enhanced parental controls, and more interactive applications.

And now, you can order your favorite subscription package like HBO or Cinemax with a click of your remote control! Just tune to the channel you want to watch and follow the directions to order immediately. All the channels included in the package will be available within a couple of minutes.

These features are just the beginning. You will continue to see new features and enhancements as we move forward to improve your FiOS TV Experience

In the Frequently Asked Questions link, one of the Q's is HOW DO I DELETE CHANNELS FROM MY CHANNEL LIST?

Folks, you ain't going to believe this answer.

Currently, the ability to filter out certain channels from your channel list is not available in the new IMG. We will provide this feature in our next software upgrade. However, you can create a favorites list by going to the Favorite Channels sub menu under Settings. Next, highlight the Add/Remove Channels sub menu and press the right arrow key to highlight the channel list. Now, go down the list and press OK to add/remove channels from your favorites list. Once your list is complete, press the exit button and you are finished. The next time you press the Favorites button on your remote, the IMG will launch, filtered with your favorite channels.

And the TV schedule only goes out 7 days. Duh!

We are currently developing an enhancement so that you can see 14 days. That will be included in a future upgrade.

Golly, I wonder which genius said, let's take something that's working fine and turn it into crap so we can tick off all these people who are sending us a big fat check each month to watch TV?

And another thing, the type on the new display is too darn small. And when you hit info, the description - which used to come up on the right hand, now appears over the show you're watching.


It's enough to make you curl up with a good book.

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