Tour Vietnam

Dear Sir ( Madam ), 


Welcome to Vietnam & Indochina ! 


Have you ever been in Vietnam ? I want to offer you an opportunity to choose one of the most interesting tours in Vietnam where you値l  have a lots pleasure of visitting the well-known  landscapes and exploring the differences from Northern  to Southern. 


VNviptour Travel mission is to inform and help you travel to places you want to visit,when you prefer and need to relax after such a long time for work & how you would want at the right expenses !   


Thank you very much for choosing VNviptour Travel assistance  in Vietnam, Indochina  and We値l be always willing to help you more and more in the future.    


With our best regards, 


Mrs.Aline Pham - Tour Operator 




 P.S: we are so sorry if it is not your concern, please keep it in your files for future uses.  

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