The Verizon FiOS TV remote is very cool. When you change channels a strip comes on the bottom to tell you what it is, and it tells you how much longer the show runs, or whether it just started. You also get the logo for Verizon - a subliminal ad.

I got the DVR on one of the set top boxes and you can actually tell it to record a TV Series – like Medium each time it airs on Channel 4. Or in my case, I have about 24 Jeopardy! Shows I haven’t watched.

If there’s an off-timer to turn the TV off when you fall asleep, I haven’t found it yet.

I did find something that enlarged my screen – but the show ID and close-captioning ran off the page. I got it back to normal, but don’t ask me how.

You can delete channels from your program listings and they don't show up when you zip through the channels – but you have to delete them in a way that makes you wonder which ones you wanted to delete. Cablevision made this easier to do.

Also, Verizon has like-show channels near each other. What a concept. All the news talk channels together, all the sports channels, the kids channels. That's great.

You can also set up your favorite channels – but it’s hard to do if you can’t figure out what channel is which. I suppose you could use the printed program guide but then what would I complain about?

You can also program the remote/TV to give you your town’s own weather report. Just set up the widget once and you get weather and traffic.

And the Info button gives you a longer description of the show you’re watching or the show you have highlighted in the guide as you’re surfing.

I still have trouble turning the TV and set-top box on and off. Mostly turning it on. You have to press one button then the on and the other TV button and the on and sometimes it takes me a while to get it on.

Just think of the hours of fun you’ll have figuring out the remote control.

I think this would make a good blog.

We were reminded how much we like Verizon FiOS after a recent visit from the Cablevision regional marketing director.

It's been about a month and a half since we canceled after 28 years with the same cable provider. Now, they want to know what it will take to get us back.

Well, perhaps if you hadn't started charging me five or six bucks a month for the remote control rental, that would have been a start.

But, it's all water under the bridge. I can't see ever going back to the cable company.

Although, one never really knows, does one.

FiOs Billing Needs Work, Does It Ever!

'Let me guess, you're switching to Verizon?'

Who knew you could HATE AOL email?

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Unknown said...

I agree Fios is excellent. However, I am still unable to use the Page feature to go to the next page. Any help?