OK, you can stop sending in the emails, here is a current photo of Zamboni, our chocolate Labrador Retriever.

He loves to eat peanut butter, and vaseline, and paper products.

He loves to run around with my shoes.

He loves to have his belly rubbed in the morning. And anytime you've got the time.

He loves to sit under the desk as I type things like this.

His favorite trick is to slam the keyboard tray shut so I have to stop typing and play with him.

Zamboni will be five years old in July.

I'd let him say hello to you, but he has no idea how big he is.

He loves to sit in your lap and rest his head on your lap.

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Biby Cletus said...


I ended up here at your blog searching for blogs on resources related to labrador retrievers. cool blog you have here, keep it up. i'm also interested in dogs and do have a Labrador Retriever named devil ( named after the phantom's dog - i was a huge phantom fan in my childhood ) any way its nice to be here. i'll be back some time later for more updates.

Warm Regards from India

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