A Niggardly Priced Wop Burger

Finally, you can buy a niggardly priced wop burger. Thank God for the Blue Parrot in Louisville, Colo., wherever that is.

I've been waiting fifty years for a niggardly priced wop burger and now I can visit some hillbilly town in Colorado and eat niggardly priced wop burgers to my heart's content.

What, you may ask, goes into a niggardly priced wop burger? Well, if you break down the name, it should be obvious.

niggardly - means stingy, or well priced for the money

priced - means what you pay for what you get

wop - means, what? It's an acronym.
Wetbacks on Ponies?
Women on Prednizone?
Wild on Patagonia
With Out Papers?

burger - that's a character in most every 18th Centurty English novel.
or a patty made from the carcass of a dead cow.

So, now that you know what a niggardly priced wop burger is, and where you can get it, you can check out Louisville, Colorado, and order up your own niggardly priced wop burger.

Does that come with a wetback salad and omerta desserta?

Wopburger--"If you were born in New York or some place maybe a wop was derogatory, but not here," said Bob Bush. "We love being wops."

Restaurant To Keep Burger Name With Ethnic Slur
Wopburger Sparks Controversy
At Family-Owned Italian Restaurant

POSTED: 11:30 am CDT May 23, 2007

LOUISVILLE, Colo. -- There's a controversy brewing in Colorado over the name of a burger at a family-owned Italian restaurant.

Survey: Change Burger Name?

The Blue Parrot in Louisville has a burger on its menu called the "Wopburger." To some, the name has a negative connotation, but to others, it's no big deal.

The Blue Parrot owners, Joe Colacci and Joan Riggins, said since the restaurant opened in 1919, it has never had a controversy quite like this. However, despite the controversy, they said the name of the burger is going to stay.

An Italian American customer argued that the name "Wopburger" was offensive and is an ethnic slur, while others said the complaints are political correctness gone too far.

"He was giving my grandson a hard time about this Wopburger," Colacci said. "He said, 'you have to take this off the menu.'"

According to Dictionary.com, the term "wop" comes from the word "guappo" meaning "swagger or pimp."

The owners said they considered changing the burger's name, but their customers told them not to.

"All over the country people have called -- I've been on a Baltimore radio station -- and they have all been very supportive," Riggins said.

Because of the controversy, the owners said the Wopburger has become one of the most popular dishes on the menu.

"If you were born in New York or some place maybe a wop was derogatory, but not here," said customer Bob Bush. "We love being wops."

"It's just a wopper. It's just a sandwich," said Riggins. "If I out and called you 'a dirty wop,' then that would be a slur. That would be a problem."

POLL Do you think Louisville's Blue Parrot restaurant should rename their decades-old "wopburger"?

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