ROCK STEADY - 1971 (Starbucks 35th Anniversary)

Celebrating its 35th year of selling coffee, the Starbucks Coffee chain is selling a CD of dorm favorite hits from 1971. (Maybe their coffee helped a lot of college students stay up for those all-night cram sessions?)
ROCK STEADY 1971 is a pleasant surprise among the CD racks of modern music and Modern Times.
Having been one who listened to WNEW-FM in those days when they played album music (sometimes whole album sides at a time! without commercials - so you could put your cassette recorder up against the speakers and tape it til you got to Two Guys) and before what's being sold now was called Classic - back when it was THE music.

Nothing to complain about on this CD (besides the effect of the typeface on old eyes). You get John Lennon singing "Jealous Guy," The Kinks and Joni Mitchell, too.

Plus there's Al Green singing "I'm So Tired Of Being Alone" and The Doors with "Riders on the Storm" and Marviin Gaye with "Mercy, Mercy Me" and Stevie Wonder with "If You Really Love Me."

The CD winds down, LOL, with Aretha Franklin's "Rock Steady", David Bowie's "Changes" and Santana's "No One To Depend On".

It finished with Janis Joplin's a cappella "Mercedes Benz" tune.

So many of these songs make this poor old Baby Boomer want to sing along!

If you're in the U.S., you can get the ROCK STEADY 1971 CD for $13.95, plus tax. I guess, while supplies last. Your mileage may vary.

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