Well, we made it to the Wings & Wheels show at Teterboro Airport. This year the event had free admission. When we got there we saw why. It wasn't nearly as big as the last show they held there.

Times have changed, we're sure, but the last show had a lot more to offer.

In fact, we're sure the ride-in-the-bomber was a lot less money a few years ago. That was one of the flourishes we were going to enjoy this year but when we saw the price, even Aunt Tonoose agreed, it was a lot of money for a plane ride in a vintage B-17 Bomber.
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A few years ago, there was on display one of the aircraft used in the Berlin Airlift. There were Vietnam war era fighters. Heck, there was a WWI era bi-plane that looked like it was made out of paper.

But this year there were a few private planes, a Port Authorty helicopter, a fire truck and a huge runway sized snow plow, some vintage Jeeps, a few half-tracks and some old cars.

Inside the big building - or hangar, as I was corrected - the table displays of knick-knacks was limited. Again, the last show had lots of places to leave your money and take home a memorable souvenir of the event or aviation history.

We're glad the show has been revived, but we were disappointed that it was so small this year.

If you get a chance, you should visit the NJ Aviation Hall of Fame, which is located on the east side of the airport. It has a gift shop with books and souvenirs - including a copy of From the Earth to the Moon, a history of NJ's contribution to flight.

Let's hope the next Wings & Wheels show can return to the show's former glory.

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