According to an article in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, Ask.com has a "new blog search engine...to conduct keyword searches across 1.5 billion blog postings and more than 2.5 million so-called feeds."

Jessica E. Vascellaro led off the article saying: "The Blogosphere contains an estimated 41 million blogs, and the number has been doubling every six months."

Really, now, who has time to COUNT all those blogs?

In April I wrote: "Panelist
Jay Rosen, director of School of Journalism, NYU, cited 19 million web logs and growing."

And: "On Saturday,
Danny Schechter allowed that there were 21 million blogs."

So, you better get out your reading glasses and cancel all your appointments and catch up on those blogs - start with the ones in the right-hand column here.

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