(March 27, 1969) Lt. David Dinan III, 25, of Hawthorne Avenue, Nutley, was killed March 17, in Laos, Southeast Asia, after he was forced to bail out of a F105 jet that had been hit by ground fire.

Dinan was a pilot from the 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Korat Airbase, Thailand.
During the combat mission, Dinan's aircraft was hit by enemy fire and he ejected. His parachute was shredded when it hit trees, however, and he sustained what were believed to be fatal injuries from falling through the trees and down an embankment. Dinan was declared Killed in Action/Body Not Recovered.

Dinan is among nearly 600 Americans who disappeared in Laos.

He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight as an F-105 Thunderchief pilot over North Vietnam on July 14, 1968.

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Joe said...

Anthony, It's nice to see that your post is to Honor one of are fellow soldiers that didn't make it home. Here are a few more links to Honor David brothers. http://www.virtualwall.org/iStates.htm http://www.vietnam-usa.org/linksgb.html

DINAN1 said...

Hi Anthony, I am working on the Dinan family genealogy and came across your site with the information about David T. Dinan as well as his photo on the Nutley Sons of Honor site. Thank you for doing such a wonderful thing in his honor and the honor of all who have fallen. I had never seen a photo of David and it was heartwarming to put a face to the name. Thanks again..

Debbi Dinan Moore