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Napoleon Dynamite
The thing I'm wondering about this offbeat movie is does it have two different endings? I remember it ending with Napoleon riding up on a horse to his brother's wedding. My friend says that's not the ending she remembers from the video they saw.

Maybe you remember the hit song by the children's comedian Soupy Sales. Maybe not. I have it on a 45 - so if you don't know the song, you probably won't know a 45 either. That's okay. The lyric says they whisper it all over Turkey.

I was wondering if Soupy Sales went all the way to Turkey to hear them whisper it, or if someone came back from Turkey and told Soupy Sales what the people over there are whispering. On the other hand, it could be a made-up word and it's never been whispered anywhere, only sung in a silly song.

The Holy Cannoli
I got an email telling me this movie was on sale as a DVD for only $14.95. Funny, I don't remember ever hearing anything about this film being in the theatres. I have heard though, that some movies never get to theaters but go 'straight to video' as if they can skip Limbo and go straight to Purgatory for a few eons.

Fat Guy On The Bus
Nobody wants to sit next to the fat guy on the bus, or on the train.

The other day I saw two fat people sit on the PATH with an empty seat between them. You couldn't fit a kindergartener in the space there. In that case, nobody could sit next to the fat people on the train.

Before they changed the PATH turnstiles, I would catch a glimpse of a fat guy trying to squiggle through. I'm sure the guy is the nicest guy in the world, but watching him jelly roll through the moving iron bar was saddening.

Of course, he could have used the Handicapped turnstile, and I'm sure no one would have objected. But it was plain to see he never saw his Arbuckle shape as any kind of handicap. It was him and that was all there was to it.

It's heart-rending.

Mad at the World
This is not the name of a movie, well, not that I know of, anyway. It's just something my mother used to say to me when my frame of mind was fixed in a certain way. Go figure.

She's been gone the better part of two decades and I can still remember this reprimand from who knows how long ago.

I guess it's true what they say about words, they stay with you.

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